Worldwide the BWP label is highly regarded. Annually the BWP Stallion Selection is an international highlight for the studbook. The stallions who receive approval after the third phase are added to the list with BWP approved stallions.

Program Stallion Selection

The BWP Stallion Selection runs in three phases.

Phase 1: The veterinary examination

The candidate stallions go to Merelbeke, to the Veterinary Faculty of Gent University, for their veterinary examination. When the result is positive, the stallions move on to the second phase. Stallions can take this examination from 1 April of the year before the selection.

Phase 2: The conformation inspection and free jumping/moving

The three-year-old candidate stallions are presented to the BWP stallion jury in the month of January. The stallions are judged on their conformation on hard and soft soil and on free jumping/moving. The inspection is carried out over several days.


January, 12

* Measuring of the height and checking of the description

* Obligate Exploration of the arena


January, 13


* Inspection of conformation and gaits on a hard and soft ground

               1. Candidate breeding stallions BWP, jumping

               2. Candidate breeding stallions BWP, dressage

               3. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP, dressage

               4. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP, jumping


January, 14


* Free movements: candidate breeding stallions, dressage

               1. Candidate breeding stallions BWP

               2. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP


* Loose jumping: candidate breeding stallions, jumping

               1. Candidate breeding stallions BWP

               2. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP


* Selection


January, 15


* Loose jumping for the jumping stallions

1. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP

2. Candidate breeding stallions BWP


* Lunging for the dressage stallions

1. Candidate breeding stallions not-BWP

2. Candidate breeding stallions BWP


Followed by:

- Proclamation


- Stallion competition



- BWP Top Stallion Auction


- Stallion competition

Phase 3: Under the saddle

In the third week of March the three-year-old candidate stallions that passed the second phase, will be presented under the saddle. The stallions will show their three basic gaits and jump fences. The four-year-old and older stallions are also presented in this phase. The decision on which stallions will be approved will be taken at the end of the third phase.


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Stallion Selection Show - 2° Phase

Start date
End date
Type event

Azelhof Lier, Aarschotsesteenweg 201


We are pleased to present the candidate breeding stallions 2022 to you.


During the Second Phase of the BWP Stallion Selection, only 3-year-old stallions may presented: their number amounts to 88 jumping bred stallions and to 8 dressage bred stallions. All those stallions will be shown to the BWP judge in Azelhof in Lier in January, 13 to 15, 2022. The whole event will be live streamed.


Click here for the list of participating stallions.


Once more, we are forced to organize the Second Phase of the BWP Stallion Selection like in 2021.


In fact, this means that the Second Phase of the Stallion Selection will effectively take place in January, 13-15, 2022 in Azelhof in Lier. We were forced to cancel all fringe activities. There will be no commercial area, No VIP facilities, no honouring ceremonies and, unfortunately, again an event without public attendance.


Of course, we will see to it that the full program can be followed via live streaming.


All about the Stallion Selection & Program: Stallion Selection | Belgian Warmblood (